Raised by theater technicians, trained in the deadly arts of AudioVisual Ninjitsu across the world, Dan brings a cool-headed solutions-oriented zen to every show site.  

Micael Czech

Lead Audio Engineer Mike was born with an SM58 in his hand, and a face for radio.  Fortunately he has an uncanny ability to tune a room well enough to have the top recording artists in the world perform there, and be happy doing it.  Just imagine how awesome your Sales Meeting will sound. 

Justin Case

Mr Case has been making crews work faster, more efficiently, and with bigger smiles than a Comedian Showcase.  While his official height is 6'2", everyone remembers him much taller.  

Adriana "Twisted" Cable

Don't let the name fool you, "Twisted" is anything but.  Graduating from Juliard with a degree in Theatrical Lighting and Design, Adriana brings a level of class and sharpness to any set.  Evenly lit, no dark spots, not too bright to blind a Presenter and not too dark for cameras.  

Yeah, she's pretty Rad.

Wil Handsome

After Will coded himself an escape from The Matrix, he opted for a career in AV Integrations and Live Events.  When asked why he chose this instead of anything else in the world, he simply said "navigating networks is the same anywhere.  I might as well have fun doing it."  Well said, Will.  

R.G. Biechvie

RG is relatively young for being such a good engineer; some say he took to it like a duck to water.  

Starting in a House of Worship, RG's insatiable curiousity led him to a larger world of corporate video design and oepration.